Celebrate This Women’s Day With KreditBee and Enjoy Your Financial Freedom

Celebrate This Women’s Day With KreditBee and Enjoy Your Financial Freedom

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As we celebrate International Women's Day, it's essential to recognise women's strides in various aspects of life, including financial independence and empowerment. Today, we delve into the inspiring stories of three remarkable women – Sarah, Kavya, and Ananya – who have embraced their financial freedom with the support of KreditBee's personal loan options. From entrepreneurs to freelancers and salaried professionals, their journeys exemplify resilience, determination, and strategic financial planning.

The Aspiring Entrepreneur

Meet Sarah. She runs her own clothing boutique. Let us understand how she manages her financial security and freedom.

Sarah is in her late 30s. She successfully runs her own company with a limited number of employees. Her reputation in the market is quite palpable.

Goals and Objectives

Short-term goal: She wants a successful online presence for her business.

Mid-term goal: She wants to reach a broader audience and not just stay limited to her locality.

Long-term goal: Settle down at a peaceful location during her retirement.

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How Is She Securing Her Financial Freedom?

  1. She applies for the flexi personal loan option at KreditBee when required. So far, it has allowed her to buy the domain and take up business consultations to expand her services.

  2. She opts for KreditBee’s “purchase on EMI” option to buy mannequins, display cases, and racks for her boutique. This will eventually allow her to broaden her target market. She can address the clothing needs of people beyond her local network.

  3. The easy payback options and lower interest rates have enabled Sarah to save a certain monthly amount. She also invests them in SIPs and other assets. This ensures that her money is balanced in one place. While running her business, she is saving, as well, to plan her retirement.

The Freelancer on the Rise

Meet Kavya. She is in her late 20s, and is a freelance graphic designer. She has her parents and wants to avoid getting into a full-time job. With years of expertise in the field, Kavya enjoys the flexibility and autonomy of being her own boss. However, there are times when she faces challenges related to cash flow. This is mainly because freelance projects are not always a cakewalk and don't consistently come her way.

Let us look into how she manages her financial freedom without taking the burden.

Goals and Objectives

Short-term goal: She wants to buy an updated laptop for graphic design purposes.

Mid-term goal: To expand her skills and knowledge, she wants to pursue a professional course.

Long-term goal: Her goal is to turn her freelancing journey into a business.

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How Is She Securing Her Financial Freedom?

  1. Kavya plans to buy her laptop on EMI from KreditBee. This ensures she does not have to burn a hole in her pocket while purchasing the necessary item.

  2. She has taken a personal loan for education for admission into a professional course. This way, she keeps earning while expanding her knowledge. And the more she learns, the better her capabilities get. This will improve her demand in the market.

  3. She has taken a personal loan for self-employed professionals from KreditBee. With this money, she is now planning to roll her freelancing journey into a business.

The Savvy Salaried Professional

Meet Ananya. She is 25 years old and has just joined a multinational corporation. She is a dedicated and ambitious marketing manager. Her performance in the company has been commendable so far.

Let us understand how she secures her financial freedom.

Goals and Objectives

Short-term goal:

  1. An extended vacation with her friends.

  2. Upskilling herself.

Mid-term goal:

  1. Prepare for her wedding.

  2. Take her family on a luxurious vacation.

Long-term goal:

  1. Renovate her home with a top architect and interior designer.

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How Is She Securing Her Financial Freedom?

  1. She has taken a personal loan for salaried professionals from KreditBee. Now, she can plan her vacation with her friends and family without touching her actual salary.

  2. This loan will also help Ananya enrol in a relevant professional course to increase her knowledge.

  3. It is enabling her to save up for her wedding in the near future from her salary. Now, her family does not have to take the pressure of arranging her wedding.

  4. She has also consulted professionals to renovate her home. KreditBee’s personal loan can take care of that expense too.


As we conclude our journey through the lives of Sarah, Kavya, and Ananya, one thing becomes abundantly clear – financial freedom knows no bounds when empowered women seize the opportunities available to them. Through KreditBee's personalised loan options, these women have turned their aspirations into reality: expanding their businesses, pursuing further education, or planning for significant life events. As we celebrate International Women's Day, let their stories inspire us to break barriers, chase our dreams, and embrace financial independence.


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