How Personal Loans Can Help during the COVID-19 Crisis

How Personal Loans Can Help during the COVID-19 Crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entire world on its head. Numerous small businesses have shut down, and several large organizations have had to lay off thousands of their employees. Those luckily left with a job most probably had to deal with a pay-cut as well. You may find yourself severely low on cash because of these events. You may not be able to make your monthly bill payments and may even struggle to purchase essentials. In life-changing events like the pandemic, where can you turn for some extra cash?

A personal loan, of course! A personal loan is an unsecured type of loan that doesn't require you to pledge any security or collateral against it. So, even if you have no assets, it doesn't matter. There's minimal paperwork, and the application process is swift and straightforward. The best part is that there's no restriction on usage. It's paperless, and you enjoy direct bank transfers. In this article, we discuss how quick and easy loans can help you during COVID-19:

1. Cover a Loss of Pay

As mentioned earlier, thousands of companies, including bigwigs like OLA and Swiggy, trimmed their workforce and cut employee salaries. If you happen to be among the unlucky lot, then don't worry. Taking a personal loan can help cover up the difference in income until you get back on your feet. A pay cut or losing your job only adds to your anxiety and stress. Well. With a quick and easy loan, there's no reason to worry. It can give you a much-needed cash infusion until your financial situation improves. When it does, you'll be in a better position to repay the personal loan as well.

2. Make Up for Delayed Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has braked several plans, and purchases are a very high possibility for thousands of people across the country. This can take many forms as well. Maybe you constructed a new house and are now finding it difficult to make the payments on time. You might have also put your annual family vacation on hold due to a lack of funds. It could even be something as simple (yet equally frustrating) as upgrading your smartphone to the latest model. Whatever the case, a personal loan will give you the funds you need to resume your payments && finish all your plans on schedule.

3. Help You Continue Investing

This is also a very common possibility that might be the case with numerous people across the country. Let's say that you started a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to help you save up for your retirement. Now, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you had to take a pay cut and don't have the financial resources to continue honouring your monthly payments. Stopping or pausing your SIP payments is not an option because it'll only push the maturity date further away. You could, instead, approach a quick loan company and apply for a quick and easy personal loan instead. You acquire the funds you need to keep your SIP going, and your investments continue without a glitch.

4. Meet Utility Payments Conveniently

Lockdowns, quarantine, and working from home (WFH) are direct consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, everyone across the country was, is and still will be cooped up at home (some with their entire family with them). In such a scenario, the consumption of daily essentials like groceries, water, food, and Wi-Fi will shoot up tremendously. But you don't have to worry about not having extra funds. A personal loan will help you take care of that quickly and easily, without having to stress at all.

Wrap Up

As mentioned in the above article, you can always avail of quick and easy loans to cover a cash shortfall caused due to the pandemic. However, before you do so, ensure you research the best lender that meets all your loan requirements suitably.


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