3 Small-Scale Business Ideas Under ₹2 Lakhs

3 Small-Scale Business Ideas Under ₹2 Lakhs

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With Prime minister enforcing ‘Make In India’ campaign in the whole nation, people started to realize the benefits and importance of small scale businesses. Small scale business adds to the nation’s economy and provides employment opportunities too. After planning the whole idea and doing market research, organizing the required capital also plays a major role in running a business full-fledged. Personal loan providers the purpose of lending small credit to start. In this blog post, we have discussed some business ideas that you can start with 1-2 lakhs investment. Read on.

Cab Business

These days ola/uber has become the most preferred option for commuting daily to the office or to any event. Ease of booking and affordable rates have made the cab business boom. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can buy a used car under 2 lakhs and get it registered with ola/ uber. You can earn a daily income with this business and can buy more vehicles in the future to earn handsome cash. A driver should be sensible enough and must have the legit ID.

Event Management and Catering

Event management and catering business is another profit-making business to invest in. These days people outsource services to organize a birthday bash, marriage or any corporate affairs party, bypassing all the tension and tedious tasks involved. Along with the decorations and the catering, some event managers also provide human resources to manage. The success rate for a catering business solely depends on the taste of the food. You would need a team of good chefs and equipment involved.

Maintenance Services

An electrical appliance like a/c, television, iron or microwave, breaks down unexpectedly and the user is left stranded with the faulty appliance. Carrying those faulty appliances to the repair shop and get it back becomes difficult, being short on time sometimes. Maintenance service providers can send a domain expert at home to fix it there only or get it to the repair shop. You should have contact with workers such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics.

Mobile Accessories and Stationery Shop

A large section of people still doesn’t exercise buying mobile and accessories from online stores. Buyers want a hands-on experience with the product. You could set up a mobile accessories shop to sell your product offline and you can also ship products if an order is received online. Along with the accessories, you can also sell stationery stuff at your shop. You can contact a local supplier to buy stationery stuff from.

Wrap Up

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