What is Digital Gold Investment Plan and How to Invest in Digital Gold?

What is Digital Gold Investment Plan and How to Invest in Digital Gold?

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Unlike in the past, today, there are more accessible and secure ways of investing in gold than purchasing it in physical form from stores. Physical gold at home or in your bank locker attracts additional fees and other obligations. You can do away with all these by investing in the right digital gold investment plan.

This blog provides you with all the details about a digital gold investment plan and how to invest in digital gold.

What is a Digital Gold Investment Plan?

Digital Gold is nothing but purchasing and selling gold digitally or online. In other words, it’s a convenient way to purchase gold digitally in manageable amounts over a certain period from any location. You get to enjoy all the benefits of purchasing gold, like price appreciation, without the hassles of storing physical gold.

Authorised dealers associated with FinTech companies, banks and brokerage houses engage in trading digital gold, enabling customers to make convenient purchases online. The transaction is securely done online, with no minimum purchase limits for digital gold. You can purchase digital gold for as low as ₹10.

Also, digital gold can be sold or redeemed instantly, and the funds get credited to your account immediately. One can also choose to have the gold coins delivered against the gold balance in their account.

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Investing in Digital Gold With KreditBee

People have been investing in gold for generations now. However, digital gold investments come with excellent returns. Platforms such as KreditBee are excellent for safe and reliable digital gold investments. With their trusted reputation and user-friendly interfaces, these platforms provide investors a seamless and secure way to engage in digital gold transactions.

Buy Digital Gold with KreditBee:

The following steps highlight how to start purchasing digital gold with KreditBee:

  1. Log In or Sign Up at the KreditBee platform

    Specify all the required details and complete your profile.

  2. Buy in Rupees or Grams

    Specify the amount of gold you wish to purchase in grams or rupees.

  3. Make the Payment

    Make the payment using your UPI ID. You can also get additional gold by applying a coupon code during your purchase.

  4. View your Balance

    You can check the amount of gold you have purchased in rupees or grams.

Selling Gold in Digital Gold With KreditBee

KreditBee platform can also be used to sell your digital gold in the easiest and most hassle-free manner. The following steps highlight how to sell digital gold with KreditBee:

  1. Choose the ‘Sell your Gold’ option from the KreditBee 24K Gold balance.

  2. Specify the amount of gold you want to sell in rupees or grams.

  3. Specify your bank account details to receive the money.

  4. Choose the account and receive funds instantly.

Get Physical Gold Delivered to your Doorstep with KreditBee

You can redeem your digital gold for physical gold from the comfort of your home with KreditBee. The following steps highlight how you can do it:

  1. Login into your KreditBee account:

    Select the ‘Gold Delivery’ option to have physical gold delivered to your doorstep

  2. Choose the quantity of gold

    Select the quantity of physical gold that you want to be redeemed. It can be in the form of gold bars or gold coins.

  3. Specify your delivery address

    You can choose from your saved address(es) or enter a new address.

  4. Place your delivery order

    Make payment and initiate your delivery.

Digital Gold Auto Investment Plans with KreditBee

Use KreditBee as your platform for auto investments in digital gold in the most hassle-free and convenient manner.

The following steps highlight how to auto-invest in digital gold using KreditBee:

  1. Choose the ‘Auto-invest’ option to invest in KreditBee Digital Gold Plan.

  2. Choose your investment frequency from the following options: daily, weekly or monthly.

  3. Use your UPI ID and select your investment amount.

  4. You can invest all through the year with auto-investments. You can build your savings and secure your future by turning on the auto investment feature from your account.

Features and Benefits of Digital Gold Investments

Listed below are the features and benefits of digital gold investments. By understanding them, investors can make informed decisions and explore the advantages of adding digital gold to their investment portfolios.

  1. No store visits

    You have the luxury of purchasing gold from your home comfortably without visiting gold stores physically.

  2. Storage

    You do not have to pay a bank locker rent or insurance cover. Digital gold is stored in an insured, safe vault at no additional cost.

  3. Gold SIPs

    Investments in gold can be used as a monthly investment plan. A digital gold auto-investment plan allows you to purchase gold regularly with a fixed amount every month.

  4. Quality assurance

    Each unit of digital gold comes with a guarantee of 24K purity (99.5% purity). You get a quality assurance and purity certificate if you choose to redeem your digital gold for physical gold.

  5. Safety and security

    Digital gold is a secure asset. You can eliminate the risk of misplacement, theft, or loss by investing in digital gold.

  6. Transparency

    The whole process of purchasing digital gold is safe and transparent. You can transfer digital gold in real-time, which lets you compare the prices before purchasing or selling. Unlike traditional gold deposits, people now prefer to invest in safer and better investment methods, such as digital gold, which yields exceptional returns.

  7. Zero making charges

    Unlike traditional gold purchases, where making charges are applied to cover the expenses associated with creating and designing the jewellery, digital gold investments eliminate this fee entirely.

  8. Collateral

    Digital gold can be used as collateral while applying for loans. Traditional collateral, such as property or vehicles, may require extensive documentation and evaluation, making the loan approval process lengthy and complex. With digital gold, the process is streamlined, as the value of the gold can be easily verified and assessed digitally.

With KreditBee, you can purchase digital 24K gold for a value as low as ₹10. This means you can accumulate significant gold over time by purchasing it in small amounts.

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While physical gold is best for personal use, digital gold investments offer various advantages, including security, liquidity, convenience, and growth potential. It also allows you to diversify your investment portfolio, safeguard your wealth, and allow it to grow with time.

If you are looking for easy, hassle-free, convenient, and secure digital gold auto investment plans, visit KreditBee immediately. KreditBee allows you to purchase and sell digital gold with the safety of storing it in insured and secure vaults.


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